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Privacy Policy

What do you do with my personal details?

Any information provided to us will be retained and used solely for the purposes of fulfilling your requests, responding to your questions, offering you opportunities to participate in surveys, performing and carrying out the terms of GRP (including fulfilling any rewards), or communicating with you as a member of GRP.

Why do you ask questions about age, income and other personal information?

This information is used to match members with specific survey requirements. In some cases our clients require feedback from people in a certain income bracket or those who have children, for example. Please be assured that this information is securely kept and strictly confidential. See our privacy policy for more details. The more information you provide, the greater your chances of receiving invitations to surveys you may qualify for, and the more opportunities you may receive to earn cash rewards.

Will the information I provide be confidential?

Yes. Your responses will be used only for statistical tabulations. Your individual answers will never be revealed to anyone in a manner that reveals your identity.